Little Things

When you leave for college, there are some things that you expect to miss a lot. Your friends, your teammates, your family, your old school, your room, your favorite restaurant, your cat. Real food (no big deal). There are other things that you don’t realize you’ll miss until you miss them though. Like driving… I have not driven a motorized vehicle in over 12 weeks, and I kind of miss it. That’s strange to think about because I never expected that. I didn’t realize I liked driving that much, but to be honest, it’s good thinking time (and good turn-up-the-music-and-scream-along time). One of these days I think I might commandeer a Stampede bus (UB trans-campus transportation) and ferry the other kids between North Campus and South for a while.

I also miss a normal sleep schedule. As is expected, I stay up a lot later than I would at home (especially on weekends), and I’m getting almost enough sleep. So I’m awake about as much as normal; I stay up a few hours later, but I sleep in a few hours later, too. However, there’s something about the evening that is not conducive to productivity. It’s harder to get work done after a certain hour. And that’s rather unfortunate because even though I’m awake for nearly the same amount of time, I am being educationally productive for less time. I actually think it’s just something I have to get used to… Just like I’m not used to pushing all of my meals back a few hours, I am unaccustomed to be doing homework until 11 pm (which I am not doing too frequently, but it happens). I hope this makes sense.

Yesterday I went shopping…every Wednesday and Saturday there are a few busses that stop by Wegmans and Walmart and Tops and the local mall. I missed shopping too. After I picked up what I needed at Wegmans, I just wandered around for a bit. (It was a madhouse in there so it probably would have been nicer for me to have gone on Wednesday but I should have expected that, since it is the weekend, and we all know how that is.) It was a mirror of the ones we have in Liverpool but it was still a Wegmans and that was comforting… Thank goodness I didn’t venture to a college outside the safe realm of Wegmans areas. They don’t exist outside of the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Pity the poor human beings who live without Wegmans.

I stopped by the Boulevard Mall yesterday, too (the mall that the Wegmans bus system passes by). It was a lot like the Wegmans experience in that it was similar to home (it reminded me of Great Northern a lot) but was different enough to feel like a new experience that didn’t bring back memories at every store. I will also note that the citizens of Amherst, lovely people though they are, seem to enjoy going to the mall solely for the entertainment of it, and for the purpose of playing a game called “get in the way.” I don’t know if you guys have noticed how in Great Northern, everybody walks on the right side of the…hall, I guess you would call it. At the Boulevard Mall, no such luck. Every shopper for him or herself. Again, it was probably the Saturday symptom (the place was absolutely crawling with middle-schoolers), but still.

(Sidebar story: I had an adventure at the mall today… My mission there was to get a dress for the marching band banquet next weekend. So I stopped by a couple stores, tried on a couple cute dresses, and it wasn’t until I reached JC Penney and was headed to the fitting rooms with an armful of new prospects when I realized I had left my bag of groceries (from Wegmans, remember?) in a dressing room on the opposite side of the mall. This wins “Facepalm Moment of the Month,” hands down. I will credit the Boulevard Mall this: despite its craziness, the salespeople at H&M were very helpful and I got my groceries back easily.)

More stories and pictures from the banquet coming soon!

Lots of love,



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One Response to Little Things

  1. Daddy P says:

    Old people shop at Wegmans on Wednesdays….just sayin. They are experts at the ‘get in the way’ game. 🙂


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