The Honors Lounge

The Honors College Lounge is probably one of my favorite places on campus. On the weekdays it’s open from 8:30 am to 5 pm, and you can show up to study, hang out, do homework, eat, procrastinate, or all of the above (I tend to choose all of the above…except procrastinating, of course). I probably spend as much time there as I do in the Lemon Lounge, which you guys know I love (don’t get them confused; the Lemon Lounge is in the dorms, the Honors College is in the library). Done with class for the day? Go to the Honors Lounge. Have a free hour? Go to the Honors Lounge.

This might sound pretty elitist, but the Honors Lounge is so nice because it’s full of people with similar values (or, the people who are more likely to put school before partying). It’s generally pretty quiet but not enough that you feel guilty or awkward having a conversation with someone. I know most of the freshman who tend to hang out there frequently, and I have classes with a lot of them (particularly Calc and World Civ, my two honors classes). We’re the geeks who sit up front every day and fret about exams together every night. It’s nice to have that shared bond. On any given day, at any given hour, it’s basically guaranteed that at least one person from one of my classes will be sitting around a table in those comfy chairs. More often than not, it’s a majority of my Calc class that’s there. We have therapeutic discussions about Calc and it’s nice to be able to just ask a question about the homework assignment (from “is the homework posted online yet?” to “did you get this for number three?” to “what on earth is the proof for the definition of a natural logarithm?”), and have multiple people sitting nearby throw out some answers.

When I was considering UB, I was worried about the size… Going from a school of two thousand to twenty thousand is a big jump. The Honors College makes it small, gives me a smaller community to be a part of. If you attend a school where you have the opportunity to be in some sort of honors program, try to get in on that group, because it’s worth it. Even if you don’t have a fancy-schmancy lounge, chances are you’ll get priority registration/first choice for housing and classes (both of which you will value more than your life). It’s worth it, and not just for the lounge.

I love you guys lots! Make sure you take some time to lounge around at this busy time of the school year (har har har).



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UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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2 Responses to The Honors Lounge

  1. karen petrella says:

    It is so reassuring to know that you DO indeed feel like you made the right choice. Even though UB is so big, I do believe having the honors college put it right on the same playing field at the College of St. Rose.
    We love you!


  2. Daddy P says:

    Nicely put. I hope all is well. Let’s chat soon.


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