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This weekend, I had the good fortune to have a light homework load… I finished all of it Friday evening and then I spent the whole weekend alternating between sleeping and socializing. I don’t think I’ve had a weekend like that at all this semester. There’s always either a football game to play at or some other big event (like going home) that keeps me busy. (Speaking of football games, there’s another one tonight. What was going on in the mind of whoever planned a football game at 8 pm on a Tuesday night is completely beyond me. I’ll be happy if I get back from that game by tomorrow.)


Sunday morning there was a partial eclipse that was only viewable at sunrise… Never having seen an eclipse before, I was willing to wake up at 6:30 am on a Sunday (ouch) to watch… But. Buffalo is Buffalo, and even though the weather report said it was supposed to be clear at sunrise, there were too many clouds on the horizon and we didn’t see any eclipsing. It was freezing and WAY too early, but seeing a still-beautiful sunrise with friends was worth it. I slept until 1 once I got back to my room, which was a great feeling.

Other than that, there’s not much going on here. I got most of my mid-term grades (all good) and classes are going relatively normally. The marching band season is almost over, so we’ve been rehearsing less often. It’s weird to think that I’m almost done with my first semester of my freshman year; the last day of classes is December 6th, just over a month from today… And then just a week of final exams and then I’m home free for a month!


I’ll be at home (more short-term) 3 weeks from now for Thanksgiving break. I think it’ll go by pretty fast… So far, everything else has. I love you guys lots!



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