Happy Registration Day!

I registered for next semester’s classes this morning!!! This is a pretty exciting day (important enough for a handful of my friends to wish me a happy registration day). I am currently appreciating the ability to create my own schedule very very much right now. I have basically done all I can to recreate this semester’s schedule, with all of my classes as early in the day as possible, and Tuesdays and Thursdays being easy days. If all goes according to plan, this is what the spring will look like for me:


(Note: I’m not yet registered for my Honors Seminar, “Service Learning in the Buffalo Public Schools”—Monday from 3 to 5:50, and Concert Band—Wednesday from 4 to 5, so those don’t show up on this schedule yet. Just picture those happy green blocks of knowledge built in to their respective time slots.)

What’s that? You’re wondering why I have FOUR HOURS of Chemistry on SATURDAY MORNINGS? Yeah, me too… College has these things known as “general education requirements” (basic math, language, and science courses) that take up a lot of time that you have to fulfill by the time you want to graduate. (Okay, they’re supposed to complement your college education and that’s reasonable, but I’m just a little cynical now that I know about the torture I must suffer through this coming spring.) Since I took AP Chem last year, those credits transferred to UB as college-level chemistry (9 credit hours, which you will learn is A LOT), and it’ll fulfill that gen. ed. requirement and I won’t have to take a full year chemistry course…as long as I take the “AP Chem Part Two” lab, which is “just a one-credit course” only offered on the day and time shown above. Hooray for nice, relaxing Saturday mornings. I hope Professor Clarke has a merciful and forgiving soul.

So. Besides Saturdays, I am actually pretty pumped about this schedule. Anything that starts with MTH 309 is Linear Algebra, the ones beginning with MTH 241 are Calc 3, and ECO 182 is economics. Next semester is going to be wonderful. I’m excited for all of these classes, I am going to have more free time, I’ll be back to playing a concert baritone, and I’m hoping to get involved in some new club/group/things. All after a nice big six-week chunk of quality time to spend with my bed. And you guys, of course.

Love you lots!



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