I Miss You

I WILL BE HOME SEEING YOUR FACES IN FIVE SHORT DAYS. Some of your faces anyway, six days for the rest of you. In honor of my first visit home, this blog post is about all of the things I miss (hopefully I’ll make it through this without making myself more homesick).


1. You guys. Obviously, how could I say anything else? I miss my family more than anything, and I am consistently reminding myself of how many more days (and occasionally hours) I have to wait before I get to see you guys (as seen above). I am so excited. When you’ve spent your entire life (or the past 15 years, or the past 11 years, or the past 3 years) living with a person and then you don’t see them for 2 months, it’s a pretty drastic change. I mean, Facebook and phone calls and text messages and Twitter (and even snail mail) have been such a blessing (and especially FaceTime), but I absolutely cannot wait to see all of you and be able to hug and hold you. It’ll be so much easier to share stories in person and really catch up on your life’s proceedings when I’m right in the middle of it.


2. Showering without shoes on. And also not being totally grossed out every time I accidentally touch the shower curtain or wall. Having all my hygiene supplies (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc) already in the bathroom instead of carrying them with me every time. My point: I miss our bathroom a lot.

3. Real actual food. Don’t get me wrong, UB tries pretty hard and I’m not overly disgusted by the food here or anything. They can make some serious wraps and salads. But you start to miss certain foods that are only good if homemade, and on top of that, there’s just a difference between food made for 6 people and food made for 20,000 people.


4. My bed. Thanks to the miracle of mattress pads, my Buffalo bed is not actually that uncomfortable. Especially when I’m exhausted all the time. The only problem is that I can’t roll over without nearly falling off. And the nest of pillows on either side of me that I’m used to sleeping in at home? Definitely not enough room. I really really miss my home bedtime too. The other day I got one of Rosie’s advice cards from the grad party that reads, “Never stay up past 12:00.” I wish, sweetheart. That’s considered early here. You know it’s a good night if you get to bed at midnight. I think I’ve only crashed before then in very extreme cases of exhaustion (or a race the next day). I’m hoping I can catch up on my sleep while I’m home because I haven’t been completely well-rested since August.

5. Not having to lock my bedroom door every time I leave. That is really just a massive pain in the butt. I trust all the people in my hall but there’s always the threat of random strangers prowling the halls for unlocked rooms.


6. Church and working at church. I’ve been going to the Newman Center for mass every Sunday night, but I miss St. John’s in the same way that I miss our house. It’s comforting. I am missing work a lot because that was 2+ hours of nearly uninterrupted think time every Sunday, and it was consistent and structured. Now I have far less think time (it’s nearly always busy here) and less structure, too. However, I got to be a Eucharistic minister for the first time at mass today, which is exciting.

I can’t wait! I love you all lots!



About Maggie

UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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