Living in a Bubble

I had my advising appointment with Mrs. Colucci (my Honors College advisor) this past week to plan out how my next semester would look. She asked me how college is going and I told her what I’ve been telling everyone, that I love it here and I’m enjoying the independence… This is hard to explain. When you move out, you simply don’t think about the people back home as much, just because of the nature of being so far from them. Your world gets smaller. This isn’t to say that I don’t care about what’s going on at home; I do very much and I love to hear from all of you. Making a new life 2 hours from home separates you from the life you lived before. The UB campus is a very me-centered world for each individual student. Mrs. Colucci described college as “a good time to be selfish.”

I feel very much as if I’m living in a bubble. My world is only as big as I want it to be. For now, it includes the UB North Campus, my volunteering site in the city, and a very abstract, technology-based idea of home that exists in my mind. Those are the only places I go and the only places I dwell on long enough for them to be permanent structures in my little bubble-world. I’m actually pretty thankful that I’m have to volunteer in the city (for Colloquium, a required Honors College course) because it and Facebook (and contact with home by phone) are the only things that keep reminding me that life goes on outside of campus. Today I heard UB referred to as “dream-like” compared to the outside world/home, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all feels when I come home (in 11 days!!!).

So, what am I doing within my happy little bubble? Yesterday morning I ran a 5K (on campus), my second one ever, and I had the perseverance to run the whole thing without walking or stopping. It was fun even though it hurt like heck, and I am so lucky to have been able to do it with my dear friend Jenna by my side. (Sidenote: there were a lot of non-student Buffalo community members there too, and I saw more than a few toddler-age children, all of which reminded me of Brady and made me miss the real home, the one that exists outside my bubble.) I’m doing a lot of schoolwork. The year is now in full swing after the exams last week. My favorite classes are World Civ. (my professor is a riot) and Calc (when I understand what’s being taught, which is becoming more and more often, so that’s a good sign). Like I mentioned before, I am volunteering at an after-school program in the city. It’s called the Valley Community Center and I basically just get to hang out with some pretty cool kids (who also remind me of you guys, although most of the ones I work with are Rosie’s age). We do homework, play games, draw, have snacks, and all the works. I thought it’d be a bit of a chore at first but I’m really enjoying it!

I’m also spending plenty of time with the people I call my Buffalo family (note: NOT a replacement, just an addition). Living in a dorm crammed to the brim with other college students just like me has basically forced us to get really close (both literally and figuratively). Whenever we get a spare moment, we hang out in the lounges (we also do homework and study in them but that’s not as fun really). The other night, there was a hardcore Nerf gun war going on…I’ll try to get you some footage later! I’ve been dubbed the “floor mom” by a few of them, so that just goes to show you 1) how family-like we are and 2) the kind of role I’m taking here. 🙂

I miss my real family lots, but I’ll see you very soon! Lots of love,





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  1. Daddy P says:

    We love you too Pie.


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