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Here at UB, freshmen aren’t allowed to create their own schedules for their first semester. So here’s a general idea of what my weekdays look like… Bear with me, I’m going to fill you in on some of my personal pros and cons, general thoughts on scheduling, and an exclusive insider peek on my daily life since you guys aren’t a direct part of that anymore (sad but true).

On Mondays I have class from 9 am until noon, and then again from 2 until 3… This would seem slightly inconvenient at first but it’s like my schedule is basically begging me to sit in the library and get some homework done for a reasonably productive (but not overwhelming) 2-hour block in between classes. It’s also worth noting that 9 am is not a bad time to start the day. Not too early, not too late.

Tuesdays are kind of sketchy because I’m in class from 11 to 12, and then 1 to 2, followed by 3 hours of volunteering in the city. It’s college common sense to sleep in as late as possible…It’s hard to explain how this works but the way this day is set up makes it difficult to actually accomplish much. Fortunately, both classes are actually World Civ so it’s like one class that just has a big break in the middle for me to grab lunch and switch classrooms.

Wednesdays match Mondays except they end at noon. Also known as “on Wednesdays I lock myself in the library from 12:30 until 5 to get (hopefully) all my homework out of the way.” This is actually really useful and can even be enjoyable if you get yourself into a homework rhythm (geek moment right here). I like to situate myself in the Honors College Lounge (which is very comfortable) or a specific cafeteria in the academic buildings, Bert’s (which is very quiet).

Thursdays are AMAZING because I have only one commitment all day: a 1-2 pm class. This means sleeping in and basically having a lot of free time to take care of whatever needs to get done: homework, laundry, cleaning up my room, more homework, that type of thing. If you ever manage to build a day like this into your college schedule, you will love it more than you have ever loved a day of the week before.

Which brings us to Fridays, which are ugly ugly days for me. My first class starts bright and early at 8 am and I am running hither and yon between class after class all the way until 2 pm…not even a lunch break. It’s a very sad day in that’s it’s super busy. And I make sure to pack plenty of snacks because I’m just like mom, scared of being hungry. You never know when hunger will strike but it’ll probably be right in the middle of a lecture or lab! It’s also these days that have given me a new appreciation for coffee…you know how they say coffee is an acquired taste? I have never liked coffee. It’s too bitter. But man, I acquired that taste within a matter of days.

So. This one I can’t really summarize. Unless I made up something about appreciating the uniqueness of each day (I mean, you should do that, too). Just stay away from coffee as long as you can. I love you all dearly.




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UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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