Your Inner Weirdo

If you tried to hide you inner weirdo at all during high school, now is the time to let him or her out.  You’re going to hear certain types of things like this over and over again: you’ll find yourself at college or now is the time to become who you’re going to be…lots of clichés, but I’m starting to see that there is some truth behind those. The group of friends I’ve settled into are people that I’m really comfortable with because they’re all real. They’re okay with being weird and silly and just being themselves. I’ve only known these people for a few weeks and yeah, we’re still in the honeymoon phase but they feel like family (I mean, we do live together anyway).

We each bring different things to the Lemon Lounge (the lounge where we always congregate in the evenings) and we each are open to sharing these things and accepting them. We’ve taught each other about the joys of watching How I Met Your Mother; exposed each other to new types of music; shared food, clothes, blankets, homework, and day-to-day life. It’s nearly impossible to explain the way that the group functions, but it does and it’s happy and feels like home. Not the one back in Liverpool, but a home.

Make sure you be yourself because other people who are also being themselves will appreciate your real-ness. It’s exhausting to try to be something or someone you’re not. Face it: you have an inner weirdo. You can hide it and tell it to shut up, or you can let it out. And everyone knows life is more interesting when you’re weird.

Goodnight, and lots of love! -Maggie



About Maggie

UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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