Mail Call :)


Mail is awesome… your appreciation for mail somehow increases when you have your own mailbox. Getting a letter is an amazing feeling, and finding a blue slip that says you’ve received a care package from home is probably the best thing ever. It’s like getting a package full of love and happiness.

I asked mom and dad to send me my calculus and English binders from last year, to use as a reference for this year’s classes…today when I picked up my package, it contained 2 binders, a sticker book, brownies, fruit snacks, makeup, earrings, sharpies, a scarf, shoes, cards from my grad party, and a letter from my little sister. I swear, I nearly cried from happiness.

If you have the resilience, the time, and a friend or two, I strongly encourage you to write letters during college. I’ve been writing Erika and, like I said, it’s really nice to get mail. I get to see how her college journey is going and share my own experiences with her. We get to communicate and compare our new lives via snail-mail and it’s better than using technology in the sense that it’s more personal, more exciting to receive, and more permanent. I’ve always been someone who loves letters and college is making that even more special because there’s actually a more legitimate reason to write them… I’m 150 miles from home. So write letters when you get the chance.

Lots of love,



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