College + Me = True Love


Okay dears. This is important. Make sure you are going someplace you love… If you’re already at your college and you hate it, then you probably can’t help that (at least for the semester), but you need to be somewhere you’re happy. I personally am in love with UB already and I enjoy learning more about it every day. It sounds corny but it’s true. Friday after my last class, I went to my favorite place for a wrap (yeah, I already have a favorite place, for now at least…Edgy Veggies is actually really good) and grabbed some coffee, and then just wandered around. I traveled through the Natural Sciences Complex, where I’ve never been before, and it was strangely enjoyable to just learn my way around. I feel at home already, maybe because I’m allowed to go anywhere I want and nobody will stop me (which is a great feeling, by the way), or maybe because it feels as if the campus is my own, because I’m not really sharing it with anyone from home, if that makes sense.

Here is some of the stuff I’ve done that’s made me fall more in Buffalove:

Take the time to wander around and get lost. You’re going to have to learn your way around eventually, so why not just jump in? Furthermore, you’re a freshman, so you have nothing to lose by ending up completely lost, since that’s what’s expected of you. Plus it’s a good excuse to use if you end up somewhere you’re not supposed to be…which is more believable: a freshman who ended up getting lost in the staff lounge or a senior who ended up getting lost in the staff lounge? Exactly. For the record, I still have yet to end up somewhere I’m not allowed to be.

Eat everywhere and everything. This seems contradictory to what I told you last time about eating healthy, but I’m not saying to go crazy with the food. Try all of the different dining centers, try all the different options. If your college has even somewhat reasonably good food, this will be an enjoyable experience. Just remember, moderation.

Photo document college life. I brought my camera here with me and I’m taking pictures of everything I like about campus. And I’ve found myself taking a lot of pictures, and I love to share them on Facebook with all my friends and my people at home. And it’s actually pretty fun to look back through them and smile (every time).

Spend some one-on-one time with the campus. Obviously you want to make new friends (and quickly) and that requires spending a lot of time around other people, but if you can find some time to sit somewhere and just enjoy the view, you might find yourself enjoying it. Of course, I have my introvert moments more frequently than most, so that might just be me… but imagine sitting under a tree outside your dorm on a gorgeous sunny day and soaking up the view of the academic buildings along the skyline. I love it here and it feels a lot more beautiful than it did on my high school visits because I have actually taken the time to appreciate it (and because it’s warmer now than it was in February). This sounds really corny and romanticized but it’s keeping me happy. 🙂

One of the best things about this is the freedom and independence. It’s one of the best feelings ever.

So get out there and enjoy college life! Lots of love, MaggieImage


About Maggie

UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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