What You Need To Know To Survive College (Or At Least The First Two Weeks)


I’ve been here for two weeks and I’m starting to think that there’s not really much you need to know to get through college. Of course, it has ONLY been two weeks so I may still be missing something, but it’s worth a shot anyways. So, here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

What You Need To Know To Survive College (Or At Least The First Two Weeks)

You need to know how to manage your time. This one is pretty important because if you can’t manage time, you’ll lose sleep and be cranky and fail all your classes and end up in a bad group of friends and your life will just collapse and the world will implode. Which is probably not fun. And okay, that’s probably a little bit of an exaggeration, but it’s still important. Not in the plan-out-every-minute-of-your-life way, but in an I’m-aware-of-what-needs-to-get-done-and-by-when type of way.

You also need to know how to stay healthy. I’m sure you guys all already know about the horrors of the freshman fifteen and how terrible college food is for you but if you can have some restraint when it comes to sweets, make sure to eat your fruits and veggies, drink water, and keep moving (at UB, the “keep moving” part is relatively easy since you have to walk a ways to get anywhere), you won’t do too bad.

You need to know how to make friends. After spending the past four years of high school with nearly the same group of people, I’ll admit that I was a little afraid that I would have forgotten how to meet new people and make them like me. But here’s a little secret: it’s not that difficult. College basically does it for you; I mean really, they cram you in a tiny dorm hall with a lot of other people and nobody knows anyone else and everyone is trying really hard to be nice to each other because they don’t have any friends either. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it’s real when it’s coming from me (who is terrible at making friends because I’m just strange and uncomfortable around people I don’t know).

Finally, you need to know your limits. This one is important but it shouldn’t be too much of a concern though, because if you don’t know your limits yet, you’re going to figure them out real fast.

The rest will come naturally. You’ve been solving equations and writing papers and doing discussions for years now, and if you can’t do your own laundry, it’s easy and you’ll find someone else to help you learn.

Lots of love, Maggie


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